Collaboration Platform

The Technical Collaboration Platform provides an environment for software technology transfer. Computational technologies situated in one company can be accessed remotely by external users with reduced cost and improved efficiency. In addition, the platform enables different engineering software tools to be brought together and operate in a unified and holistic manner. Distributed engineers working on different tasks of the same process, using different tools can therefore collaborate by linking dispersed information in the same process.

It is operating system independent and its features include:

  • Distributed tools integration
  • Support for multiple user types
  • Collaborative environment
  • Project/Process management
  • Visualisation of tool input and output
  • Consistency management
  • Version management
  • Version parameter graphs
  • Enable multiple results visualisation
  • Global optimisation
  • Data and knowledge management

Demonstration of some features could be viewed here.

Using the technical Collaboration Platform is free of charge for EuroVIP participant group members. If you would like to download the platform, please follow the link below to fill in the membership form.

Click here to download TCP


The TCP was packaged with Excelsior JET